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New Adult Fiction

City of orange
The dark flood
Dreaming of flight
A duke for Diana
A Family Affair
Forbidden city
Heroic hearts
Just like mother
Killer on the court
The King Arthur case
Love in plain sight
Love in the time of Bertie
Lucky turtle
Nettle & Bone
Never a duke
Robert B. Parker
The stardust thief
Sunday at the Sunflower Inn
Take your breath away
The war of two queens
When women were dragons

New Adult Non-Fiction

21st century monetary policy
The complete guide to food allergies in adults
Created equal
Miss Chloe : a memoir of a literary friendship with
No escape
The premonitions bureau
Tiger & Phil

New Young Adult Fiction

Golden Boys
A year to the day
The dawn of Yangchen
The silence that binds us
Together we burn
Love Radio
Lore Olympus. Volume 2
Relic and Ruin
The Merciless Ones
Zatanna : the jewel of Gravesend
The many half-lived lives of Sam Sylvester
Blade Breaker
Bad Things Happen Here
Our Crooked Hearts
Stealing Infinity
Cake Eater
A Million Quiet Revolutions
Very Bad People
Beasts of Ruin
The truth about white lies
The Counselors
Hollow fires
Wake the Bones
Alone Out Here
Family of Liars
A Forgery of Roses
Empress Crowned in Red
Beating Heart Baby
Belle Morte
Hell followed with us
Every Line of You
Never coming home
M is for Monster
We weren
The lesbiana
Long live the Pumpkin Queen
The Memory Index
Improbable Magic of Cynical Witches
Love and other great expectations
Into the Sublime
Ballad & Dagger
This vicious grace
Hotel Magnifique
Two truths and a lie

Young Adult Non-Fiction

Art of protest : creating, discovering, and activating art for your revolution
Overground railroad : the Green Book and the roots of Black travel in America
Steampunk : an illustrated history of fantastical fiction, fanciful film and other Victorian visions
Whistleblowers : Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and others
Mastering hand-lettering : your practical guide to creating and styling the alphabet
QAnon and other conspiracy theories
The cyber attack survival manual : tools for surviving everything from identity theft to the digital apocalypse
Tesla : the wizard of electricity
Big pharma : the money behind the pills
The ultimate scholarship book 2022 : billions of dollars in scholarships, grants and prizes
Strength and conditioning for mixed martial arts : a practical guide for the busy athlete
#MeToo : women speak out against sexual assault
How rude! : the teen guide to good manners, proper behavior, and not grossing people out
The DC book
How to Change Everything: the young human
JavaScript coding for teens : a beginner
Everything you need to ace geometry in one big fat notebook : the complete high school study guide
The Burning: Black Wall St. and the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921
Gamer girls : 25 women who built the video game industry
The killing of George Floyd
Ida B. the queen : the extraordinary life and legacy of Ida B. Wells
Plasticus maritimus : an invasive species
The greatest stories ever played : video games and the evolution of storytelling
Accepted! : secrets to gaining admission to the world
Code name Badass : the true story of Virginia Hall
Training for obstacle course racing : a practical guide for the busy athlete
Rolling warrior : the incredible, sometimes awkward, true story of a rebel girl on wheels who helped spark a revolution
Net neutrality : seeking a free and fair internet
Careers : the ultimate guide to planning your future.
Attention hijacked : using mindfulness to reclaim your brain from tech
How technology works
Slaying digital dragons : tips and tools for protecting your body, brain, psyche, and thumbs from the digital dark side
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez : the life, times, and rise of "AOC"
The Capitol Riot : fragile democracy
The polymer clay techniques book
Understanding corona viruses : SARS, MERS, and the COVID-19 pandemic
American billionaires : privilege, politics and power.
Where have all the birds gone? : nature in crisis
Cramm this book : so you know WTF is going on in the world today
Cancel culture : social justice or mob rule?
A rebel in Auschwitz : the true story of the resistance hero who fought the Nazis from inside the camp
Revolution in our time : the Black Panther Party
The power of style : how fashion and beauty are being used to reclaim cultures
The Islam Book

New Children’s Fiction & Non-Fiction

Totally Random Questions Vol. 1
Totally Random Questions Vol. 2
Shelby & Watts Tide Pool Troubles
First Cat in Space Ate Pizza
Who Was Charles Schulz?
A Day in the Life: Sharks
I Am Quiet
How to Be a Math Genius
Abuelita and Me
Mushroom Rain
Together We Ride
The World Belonged to Us
Running on Sunshine
The Sun In My Tummy
Just Harriet
Charlie Thorne and the Curse of Cleopatra
Into the Heartlands
Honestly Elliott
A Pandemic Is Worldwide
Happy Sloth Day!
Light the Sky, Firefly!
Monsters in the Briny
The World of Emily Windsnap: Emily
Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor
Swim Team
Beak & Ally Unlikely Friends
Hey You!
Like a Diamond in the Sky
Spike It, Mo!